Metal sheds, steel buildings, storage boxes, caravan tidies and galvanised bike storage Just a quick note of thanks for supplying the Pavillion Garden Summer House. I have just confirmed the final payment to MPV and can honestly say how very pleased we are.

Once again many thanks and hope your business thrives in the future. Delivery of metal sheds and steel buildings throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland

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  • Steel & Metal Sheds

    There are 5 ranges of Metal Garden Sheds & Buildings available in Lakenham. The GrandChoice & StoreChoice metal shed ranges are good domestic, great value for money, buildings with long guarantees. The SafeStore UK range of metal sheds are, effectively top of the range. From caravan boxes to motorbike garages, up to any length. The TriMetals UK metal sheds range with 25 years guarantee.

    Also available are the Capital Steel Industrial Buildings which can be made in any size up 20m wide, up to 6m high and ANY length. All steel used on these outdoor storage units are made from HOT Dipped Galvanised Steel.

  • StoreChoice Metal Garden Sheds

    These good quality domestic steel outdoor storage garden sheds are great value for money and you will find that hot dipped galvanised steel is used to ensure long life. You won't find cheap electro plated steel on these sheds. Backed up with a 15 year 'no-perforation' rust guarantee for long life.

    Sliding metal shed doors and ventilated gables add to its pedigree. As you go in the doors you will see a strong steel ramp to make it east to access the shed. Sizes range from 6x3 to 12x10 in apex and pent styles. Option for assembly in Lakenham to save your time and effort. See full range on this page

  • GrandChoice Metal Garden Sheds

    Looking for great outdoor storage units then these great quality domestic GrandChoice steel sheds, made from hot dipped galvanised metal for long life, should fit the bill in Lakenham. No cheap electro plated metal on these sheds. Backed up with a 12 year 'no perforation' rust warranty for long life.

    Double doors and strong ramp for ease of access and this shed also boasts great eaves height. Green and cream finish. Sizes available from 6x4 up to 19x10. Optional installation to save your time and effort. Take a look at the full range of outdoor metal stores on this page.

  • SafeStore Secure Steel Sheds

    The SafeStore range of steel security sheds are what you should look at if you want the highest security. Many of these steel sheds are fully insurance rated and ideal in Lakenham. Made from extra thick steel you will find these sheds are resistant to fire as well as being rat and rodent proof as they come with their own metal floor. Easy to assemble as well as being practical and functional. 10 Years Warranty.

    Totally suitable for caravan parks you will find these steel outdoor storage sheds and will ensure your possessions stay safe. Option for installation to make your life easier. Take a look at the full range on this page.

  • Trimetals Steel Secure Sheds

    This range of metal sheds and storage units are unique in their design, their strength and quality and is unmatched by any other metal shed manufacturer. Engineered precisely from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is about 50% thicker than other domestic metal sheds. The paint thickness is twice other sheds and these features ensures a rigid, sturdy metal shed. Examine the outdoor storage specifications here.

    All feature a extra long 25 year panel guarantee. Range of fire resistant metal garden sheds, motorcycle garages, bike sheds and mobile home units delivered to Lakenham. Fitting option in some areas.

  • Duramax UPVC Plastic Garden Sheds

    The refined patented design of these fire retardant Duramax PVC plastic shed makes it more than just a outdoor storage shed. Totally suitable for use as a hobby room, storage shed, tool shed, farm store or for any activity you can think off. Full details of these plastic sheds on this page.

    The neutral colors of these Duramax plastic sheds and their contemporary design ensures that it will naturally blend in with any garden or backyard in Lakenham. A range of sizes from 5ft x 2¾ft right up to their large plastic UPVC vinyl garages is available so there should be a plastic building to suit your requirements.

  • Metal & Steel Garages - Workshops

    Examine our 'StoreChoice Olympic' sturdy steel garages as well as the 'GrandChoice Canberry' metal garage. These are suitable for a great number of uses, such as a domestic garage, or for storage or for a very large workshop. Being fire resistant and maintenance free and with a long warranty is a bonus. Sizes from 15x10 up to 38x12.

    Another option is the Duramax Plastic Garages or Trimetals Motorcycle Garages. All these attractive garages will enhance your property in Lakenham. Also available are the Capital Steel Industrial Buildings

  • UK-MetalSheds Steel Garden Sheds

    With one of the largest ranges of metal outdoor storage sheds and buildings including high security steel sheds, outdoor storage units for bikes and motorbikes, caravan boxes and outdoor stores and right up to the very large light industrial steel buildings. All steel used is hot dipped galvanised and NOT inferior electro-plated galvanised metal. Hot dipping ensures a thick and durable coating, whereas electro plating leaves only a thin coating which will wear of very quickly. The cheap outdoor storage units offered by the large retail companies and discount web sites tend to be electro plated making them appear cheaper but are NOT better value. Don't take chances in Lakenham!!

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Experts in Metal, Steel and Plastic Garden Sheds, Workshops, Garages and Industrial.

GrandChoice Metal Sheds - Steel Garages Stores GrandChoice Metal Sheds in Lakenham

These GrandChoice metal sheds are great quality domestic metal buildings which have ventilated gables to ensure air flow which helps control condensation. Made from hot dipped galvanised steel and has a strong entry and exit ramp through the steel sliding double doors for ease of access. Great eaves height. Green and cream finish.

These outdoor stores are available, for delivery to Lakenham, in apex or pent styles in sizes from 6x4 up to 19x10. Option for installation of these sheds to save your time and effort. 12 year 'no-perforation' rust guarantee.

StoreChoice Metal Sheds - Steel Garages Storage StoreChoice Metal Garden  Sheds in Lakenham

The StoreChoice metal outdoor storage sheds and steel buildings are good quality domestic, great value for money, buildings and are made in hot dipped galvanised steel with a 15 year 'no-perforation' rust guarantee, also featuring ventilated gables.

These metal storage sheds have sliding double shed doors, which are padlockable, and have a strong ramp to make it easy to wheel gardening items in and out your new outdoor shed. Available in apex or pent styles in sizes from 6x3 up to 12x10. Option for assembly in Lakenham to save your time and effort.

SafeStore Secure Outdoor Storage Units SafeStore Metal Security Garden  Sheds in England and Wales

If you require the very best in outdoor security sheds for storage then take a look at the SafeStore range of Security Sheds as many of these sheds are fully insurance rated. Being made of extra thick steel these metal buildings are also resistant to fire and are suitable for use on caravan parks in Lakenham.

These steel outdoor storage sheds are rot and rodent proof, easy to install and practical as well as functional. Also Lean To's, Bike Sheds, Caravan Storage Boxes and Small Storage all of which are extra thick and secure for complete piece of mind. 10 Years Warranty. Option for assembly on these steel storage buildings for an easier life.

Trimetal Metal Storage Sheds & Caravan Boxes Trimetal Outdoor Storage Metal Garden  Sheds in Lakenham

This range of outdoor metal garden storage sheds are unique as the design, strength and quality are unmatched by any other metal shed manufacturer. Precision engineered from modern PVC-coated galvanised steel, which is approximately 50% thicker, with twice the paint thickness of most comparable garden storage sheds ensuring an extremely rigid and sturdy construction.

Available for delivery in Lakenham and all feature a 25 year steel panel guarantee and are also fire resistant. Range of metal garden sheds, motorcycle garages, bike sheds and mobile home units. Fitting option for these outdoor stores in some areas.

Capital Steel Garages Industrial Buildings News Stories Farm buildings at risk from tractor thieves Farm buildings should be kept securely locked to reduce the risk of tractor theft, farmers have been advised. The Eastern Daily press reports that Lincolnshire police believe organised gangs are stealing tractors worth as much as £100,000 from farm buildings to sell the parts to other countries. A cross-border tractor squad has been established by the police... 

Duramax Plastic UPVC Outdoor Store Sheds & Garages Duramax Plastic UPVC Outside Garden  Sheds in Lakenham

These Duramax PVC plastic garden storage huts are more than just a plastic storage shed. As you will find the refined patented design of our PVC plastic buildings makes it perfect for an activity building or outdoor hobby room, storage or tool shed, farm equipment or whatever else you can think of in Lakenham.

These plastic outdoor storage units with their modern contemporary design in neutral colours will ensure they naturally blend in with any backyard or garden. Also, available are plastic garages which can be used for storage of your car.

Capital Steel Industrial, Agricultural Storage Buildings Capital Steel Outdoors Light Industrial Buildings in Lakenham

Our Capital Steel Buildings are suitable for full outdoor commercial and light industrial use, as well as a range of other industrial storage uses in Lakenham. The latest portal frame technology and construction from solid cold rolled high tensile steel ensures that the finished industrial building is extremely strong, durable and can span long distances.

You can have any width, any length and any height (up to 6m high) industrial building or commercial unit. Detailed quotes for any outdoor storage requirement, normally, within hours. CLICK for full details.