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Why Buy from Capital

Read Before Buying a Steel Portal Frame Building

Strathclude UniversityBeing at the forefront of the steel portal frame building industry with an unbeatable range of sizes, designs and bespoke designs means Capital Steel reputation is second to none. This has been earned over many years backed up by Dr James Lim at Strathclyde University who has been involved in the Capital Steel design being rigously tested to ensure that meet all requirements in all parts of the country. In fact each steel building is engineered for the precise part of the country where it will be assembled. Also involved in the design of this innovative software was the Chartered Civil Engineering experts, Alexander Scott Civil and Structural Engineers. An untouchable DNA to the soundness, and superbly engineered Capital Steel Buildings.

However, as in many industries, fly by night companies set up and try to undercut proven suppliers in the market. To sell at a reduced price is always welcome provided you are buying 'like for like' however many firms are cutting prices by using inferior grade steel, thinner steel or rejects. Ultimately inferior material can compromise your building and possibly people working in there. There has been many cases in the last 5 years and is likely to continue is buyers are not aware.

Capital Steel innovative 'state of the art' software developed with experts in the field is the standard to meet. This software ensures that all Capital Buildings exceeds all requirements both for the actual location and for the purpose the building will be used. This ensures that Capital Steel Buildings are one of only a few companies that offers this unique guarantee. The designs and engineering consider all aspects of the location where the building will be built, from snow, rain and wind and what ever will be thrown at the building through its expected long life. The expected wind strengh (as calculated by the Building Research Establishment Ltd) and location about sea level is taking into account. Most other companies, without this specific software can only make building to a general area, OK if you are in a sheltered area in the centre of the UK but not satisfactory if you are any distance away from the centre and specifically if you are near the coast or an an altidude about 50m.

All of Capital Steel materials are supplied by reputable and professional accredited enginerring companies and manufactured to FULL British standards. With Capital's expertise and engineering you can be sure you are getting the best steel building, the best engineering, the best price and best materials to meet your exact requirements. This is crucial to you because without these assurances you don't know whether the materials supplied will be strong enough for the job and for lastability. All Capital suppliers have worked to earn Professional Accreditations are, rightly, are proud of their acheivements.

For even further peace of mind, Capital Steel Buildings, offer their unique bonded order through Nat West Bank. The scheme is provided solely to give you, the customer, complete peace of mind, when ordering your building through 1st Choice. What is a bonded order ? it's very straight forward. You pay the money directly to Nat West who hold your money in trust. This is not released to us until AFTER your new Capital Steel Buildings has been delivered in FULL. We don't get a single penny until that moment. You can't have a better guarantee than that. Ask your self why other companies insist on payment up front without offering this option. We all know of companies who take peoples' money and before the goods are due to be delivered go into liquidation. Almost without fail, the next day they set up a new company with a slightly different name, and start trying to fleece other customers. Don't get caught!! Use the Capital Steel Buildings bond scheme for complete peace of mind.

It's clear from the above that Capital Steel Buildings is a professional run company offering a superb product and also offering total peace of mind to our customers. It's important that this is backed up with expertise, experience, free advice and guidance. Always you should be the main concern, and for us to continue and prosper, this need to be at the forefront of our thoughts and planning. We aim to listen to all our customers to achieve our goal of complete satisfaction. With experience in the portable buildings since pre Maggie Thatcher times we are confident we can meet our claims. Dont' regret not dealing with Capital Steel.

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