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Metal sheds, steel buildings, storage boxes, caravan tidies and galvanised bike storage Nice and helpful, real people you could talk to. Helped us sort out a bespoke design that suited our needs with no fuss. The team of guys that put the thing up were fast, efficient, clean and tidy workers. Delivery of metal sheds and steel buildings throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland

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Capital Steel Buildings - a Wise Investment

The 1st requirement for a steel industrial building is to protect your various items from the weather, or to provide secure dry workshop space, or maybe to garage those valuable vehicles. With our modern day weather - the harsh winters, the wet spring and autumn and dry summers - you will find that all these elements including snow, hail, acid rain, strong sunshine and strong (sometimes hurricane) winds attack any outdoor buildings. This is where our Capital Steel Buildings come into their own. Manufactured - individually for you - from high grade quality fully galvanised steel you find these portal fram industrial buildings are built to stand up to everything thrown at them. Backed up with up to 25 years warranty Capital are confident in their steel products.

'Individual Made to YOUR Needs'

Not only are these Capital Steel Buildings made individually for you,Capital Steel Industrial Buildings they are made exactly to your requirements. You stipulate the width, the length and the height. You also tell us where you want the doors - either roller doors or personal doors. You can have an open side on the building if you wish or opening for your own roller doors. The only proviso for the building is that they must be rectangular or square. It's even possible in some instances to have a 'L' shaped building.

The unique design of these Capital Steel Building means that these steel buildings, with their portal frame design, can be assembled very quickly. These buildings made from pre-engineered steel are delivered on site and can be rapidly screwed and bolted together. The assembly time being just a fraction of the time taken to build a concrete or brick building. All with the advantage that the building can be dismantled and re-assembled on another site very easily.

Industrial Buildings - Fast Delivery

You can have a new steel building made to your specific design delivered on site within 4 weeks and by the time you have had the building assembled could be using this within 6 weeks. Compare that with a brick or concrete alternative. We will provide you with a FREE (no obligation) quote quickly and can provide scaled drawings to show you what it would like. This building can be tweeked to your exact needs with no problem at all so ultimately you end up with the light industrial building you are looking for and all at a very good price. Capital beats all other options hands down both in flexibility and in price. Money saved can go straight to your bottom line or you can have extra features or a larger building for the cost of an brick building.
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  Home > Products | Capital Steel Buildings |  Capital Custom Steel Buildings 2