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Capital Steel Bonded Order

Peace of Mind Bank Bond SchemeNat West - Capital Steel Industrial Buildings Bond

Capital Steel, who are at the forefront of design in the cold rolled steel industry, recognised that there are unscrupulous companies preying on customers of today and put their minds to offering a better system and to give customers more protection. This followed on from experience over many years.

Progressing from this they looked at the other aspects of the steel industrial buildings market, namely paying for your building. We all have heard of the horror stories where unscrupulous companies take very large deposits and payment in full with no intention of supplying the buildings ordered leaving you with a very big hole in your finances. These 'rogue traders' may also be responsible for supplying cheap, unsuitable materials for your new building, meaning, even if you get your building you don't get the peace of mind which you get with a Capital Steel Building, backed up with Steadmans their steel suppliers.

Capital Steel Buildings, are now able to reverse this trend by highlighting the differences between other 'fly by night' companies and Capital's exemplary services. They operate a 'no-credit' policy throughout their supply chain to ensure a 100% record of success. With this in mind the Capital Steel bank Bonded Order Scheme was born, administered by the Nat West.

Nat West - Capital Steel Industrial Buildings Bond The problem when a business is funded solely on credit means it's never in a position to be able to pay for its supplies before delivery. All it needs if for it to be let down by its customers, even when it's a genuine company, and could risk bringing the company down. As most people know in business 'cashflow is king'. The failing of any company holding your money can be a body blow to you and could affect your company as well.

Properly funded companies recognise this and ensure that they keep fluid funds to meet their liability and are able to also offer customers an option not to pay them, but to Nat West in trust. This surely give the customer the total confidence that they dealing with a trust worthy and reputable company

Capital Steel, being unique in Recognising this issue, set out to find a solution. Working with a major financial institution they pioneered the Capital Steel Bank Bond to address these potential time bombs.

We are happy to offer this optional Bonded Order to all our customers. The bank bond costs 165 which is implemented by the bank, however, we feel that this bond can be so important we actually cover that cost our selves. This gives you complete peace of mind. This Bond is a legally binding agreement whereby the customer lodges the funds with the Nat West, in a secured account, and a Bond is issued by their Bonds and Guarantees Dept directly to you. These funds will NOT be released to us until your bespoke building is delivered in FULL, Nat West is 100% responsible in ensuring your money is safe. We don't receive a penny until then. Complete peace of mind until then.

The only down side is that the order process is a little longer than the normal 3-4 weeks for delivery, but not much longer. The order has to be agreed in precise details and can't be changed. These details are sent to Capital who raise the Advanced Purchase Agreement (legal document between Customer and Distributor) This is then sent to you and you would then lodge your payment with Nat West. When this happens they would issue you with your Bond and we would then be able to place your order with the factory for delivery within 3-4 weeks.

Band Bonded Order

Why You Should Choose Capital Steel Buildings

Strathclude UniversityCapital Steel Buildings, having led the UK in the field of cold rolled steel constructions, using their innovative software are able to offer the very best and most flexible designs. This unique service brings with it complete peace of mind that you are obtaining exactly what you are looking for. These industrial buildings are strong, very secure and safe as all these buildings are individually designed for you

As we all know there are many rogues companies in the world happy to scam whoever they can, you can usually find details on Google about these companies. Like Toad of Toad Hall says 'here today and gone tomorrow' so fall for this. Recognising this Capital Steel Building introduced the 'Peace of Mind' bank bond. What this means is that you do not pay a penny to us but only to Nat West bank, who administers this scheme, who holds your money in trust. After, and only after, these steel buildings have been delivered in full to you do we get paid by Nat West. We don't receive a penny until them. Whilst we cover the administrative cost with the bank and have to finance the cost of your order we feel it is a very worthwhile operation. This Bank Bond gives you 100% protection to your money ensuring that the worry of dealing with Capital Steel is totally eradicated.

The buildings supplied by Capital Steel Buildings are made specifically for them and no one else by Steadmans of Carlisle. Steadmans are one of the largest steel manufacturers in the North West and have been in business for over 100 years. This means that you are supporting a British company who is ISO 9001:200 accredited who in turn produce steel building to the highest standard, in fact they can trace every single piece of steel right through until it's delivered on site to you.

Operated from 6 countries Capital Steel have expanding in a controlled manner building on their expertise. The ethos is to offer an unblemished service, leading innovative designs and the most competitive prices. This has helped them to becomes the leader in the expanding cold rolled portal frame market. The advanced software, developed in co-operation of Strathclyde University, is most advanced of its kind and is only available from Capital Steel. There are many inferior design systems out there not none offer more than Capital Steel.

We offer a fast, no obligation and free quote for the building you may be looking for. Usually you will obtain this within 24 hours, normally much faster. This can then be tweeked to suit your exact requirements. We also offer free scaled drawing plans suitable for planning applications. On top of that if building calcs are required we can arrange that for your specific building in your specific location but there would be a modest charge for that.

The success of Capital Steel Buildings is built on all of the above and remembering that the building supplied should meet your needs rather than just offering a standard range of sizes. Add to that an excellent support service by Capital and by us and our proven record of achievement to date. The ground breaking software enables us to provide basic simple buildings right up to very complex industrial buildings quickly and easily. This ensures you receive the very best building in this portal frame technology backed up with the very best support.

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